On-Site Workshops


Your resume is your most important tool while looking for employment. In this workshop you will learn what important guidelines are needed to make your resume more engaging.

Summary of workshop:

  • Creating your resume from start to finish
  • Having a powerful Summary of Qualifications
  • Important action phrases to capture an employer’s attention
  • Clear and concise explanations of past work experiences
  • Which style of Resume will best suit your current needs



A resume is often not complete without a cover letter. This workshop will give you steps to write a powerful letter that will compliment your resume in a way that makes an impact.

Summary of Workshop:

  • Steps to finding what to include in your Cover Letter
  • Formatting your Cover Letter: Microsoft Word vs PDF
  • How to use Cold Cover Letters to access the Hidden Market



Come and learn what local employers are looking for in an employee and how you can demonstrate these qualities in an interview.

Summary of Workshop:

  • Strategies to navigate through those difficult interview questions
  • Identifying your nervous habits
  • Different types of interview
  • Things you wish you would have known before your interview



This workshop is designed to give tools to quickly guide you through your job search to gain the job you want, not the job you need!

Summary of Workshop:

  • Why job search?
  • Job Seeker’s checklist from A-Z
  • Networking effectively to create those important connections
  • Creating an effective Elevator Speech that will bring you to the front of the competition



This workshop is designed to give information on how to make your profile stand out and impress an employer. While being mostly accented on job seekers, this is also a great tool for employers looking for reliable and professional employees!

Summary of Workshop:

  • Professional profiles vs Personal profiles
  • Advantages of networking through social networks
  • Creating your profile
  • Navigating the Job Board



Starting a new job can be both exciting and dauting. This workshop will give you tricks to learn how to make the best impression you can, while also helping navigate those potentially stressful situations.

Summary of Workshop:

  • Getting along with Co-workers
  • Importance of reliability, dependability, and trustworthiness
  • Getting ahead and promotions
  • YOUR Career Development



Thinking of changing career? Unsure where your skills would benefit you? This workshop is designed to help you navigate the though waters of job searching by taking your skills and giving options for the career made for you!

Summary of Workshop:

  • Online test with career specific questions
  • Exploration of suggested careers: salary, hours, education
  • Available opportunities in each suggested field

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