Local Job Market

It is well known in the field of employability a tiny percentage of vacancies is published in various newspapers. The majority of available jobs are known through your knowledge networks through “word of mouth”. This is why a good knowledge of the local labor environment will allow the researcher to establish his own contacts. It may be better able to do effective research targeting the companies likely to be interested in its services and to have a job for him.
The job market of Kingston and surrounding evolves as that of any other city. The opening of new enterprises and the closure are other indications of this change.

 o you know Kingston’s economic profile?

Do you know Kingston businesses hiring the most? Counsellors at ACFOMI Employment Services are on the lookout for this information and ensure the continually be through their research and contacts in the community.
You can also join our workshop on the local labor market in order to have a better knowledge of employment opportunities and the labor market trends in the Kingston area.

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