Interview Preparation

The job interview can be a stressful event itself. However, if you know how to get the preparation, it may have just the opposite effect! This is why ACFOMI Employment Services provide access to practices and coaching that allows you to perform well in an interview.

Several aspects are to consider when preparing for an interview: personal aspect, skills pane, type of questions, the objective of these questions; is to say that we want to know about the individual through these questions, pitfalls to avoid, scenarios, references, etc. There are also several types of interviews.
Preparation s still the best way to deal with this experience and do it with the help of an Employment Counsellor at ACFOMI could be very profitable.

So before the big day, make an appointment with an Employment Counsellor from ACFOMI. This will help you brush up on your interview skills and to develop, according to the questions, your work experience, professional skills and interpersonal skills. This practice will be adapted to your needs and previous interviews and experiences, both French and English.

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