Cover Letter

Like the resume, the perception of the cover letter is also changing in the world of recruitment and is increasingly
required by employers.
For them, it is a letter. The team ACFOMI Employment Services can assist you in preparing presentation and thank you letters (in French and / or English).

A resume that is not accompanied by a cover letter may lose interest in the eyes of  employer. The cover letter must inform the employer that he hands the candidate’s curriculum vitae that research and that he can not put the next
document without having traveled in its entirety.
Write a catchy letter and who will have the desired impact is an art. The cover letter may be your only chance to make an impression! It is somehow a reflection of the personality of its author. Therefore seek employment counselor ACFOMI of Employment Services can be a gesture that will help you achieve your objectives employability.

Are there other forms of letters?
What are the characteristics of a good cover letter?
These are questions to which we are able to answer you!

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